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The John Leary Organization

Founded by John Leary, "The John Leary Organization" is making a difference through: *Best Practices Solutions * Business Ethics Reviews * Business Networking * Community Development * Consumer Advocacy * Entertainment Productions * Event Planning * Fundraising * Image Consulting * Marketing & Promotions and more...

Ezekiel 33:1-9

Don't allow potholes to become sinkholes! Someone needs to be an advocate for change. Will it be you?

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A best practice or a practice to best solve a problem is one that can eliminate or prevent continual corrective activities. Best practices are intended to solve problems in a proactive rather than in a reactive mode. REACTIVE: Fill a pothole to stop a sinkhole from developing >>> that’s reactive! PROACTIVE: Develop better product to stop the pothole from developing >>> that’s proactive! Help us to make a difference! Find out how! Contact us through our contact page.

The vision of John Leary, the founder of THE JOHN LEARY ORGANIZATION, is to make a difference for the future of mankind...
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The John Leary Organization

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