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Elder Care. Legislative changes dealing with re-marriages involving two or more sets of children and the current unethical, immoral, and illegal actions by prospective heirs, nursing homes, medical practitioners, and others jeopardizing our elderly and their appropriate biological connections.

Landlord-Tenant Contracts and Complaints. Legislate more effective and balanced lease agreements, code publication and enforcement, increased participation by responsible agencies and governmental authorities, and require landlords to comply with codes thereby reducing the filing of frivolous and unethical/unlawful lawsuits against tenants. For problems or concerns click onto the following Link …  

Fair Housing Income Equality. Proactive approach to consider income levels for rental qualifications. There is a similarity between disposable (net) and gross income, and equates to housing discrimination against those on fixed incomes and those with non-taxable incomes.

Unemployment Hearings. Employers file unjust complaints against employees who are penalized unfairly by the misconduct of unemployment referees rendering unfair decisions. An investigation into the Unemployment Review Board and the possible restructure of the system including appropriate appointments, both review board and referees.

Municipal Court and Court of Common Pleas Systems. Consideration of appointments vs. elections, the demeanor presented by judges during court proceedings as well as ethics violations, misrepresentation, and partiality towards landlords. Better control to remove frivolous filings from court dockets is necessary.