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Contact us Monday thru Friday 24/7
Toll Free at: 1-800-561-8050


Special Projects

The MAKE A DIFFERENCE LECTURE SERIES. An initiative in education and an opportunity for a qualified individual of any age or a qualified group to make a difference for their fellow human beings by providing information of value which comes from the heart.

This initiative will also allow those qualified to have the opportunity to impart their knowledge and educate others and to enrich the lives of many. Exposure on radio and television, in print, and with live audience participation.

The ANTI-BULLYING campaign. A focus on all genres of music. Music soothes anxiety and can energize everyone to be positive. Each person hears music in a different way and enjoys a specific kind of music. Bullying is an attitude and a behavioral result and can be reduced through a focus on music.

A WEEK OF LOVE ON YOUR STREET (During Valentine Day week on a specific street). Combine romantic love with love for our fellow human beings and benefit needy children.

YOUTH VISION 2020. A special one day global event focusing on our most important human beings, our children. Make a difference at the beginning of life and don’t allow homelessness to prevail.