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About Our Company

John’s extensive experience in the corporate sector in the association management, financial, non-profit, retail, and transportation environments has allowed him to orchestrate best practices solutions in areas such as Accounting, Administration, Auditing, Contract Management, Customer Service, Financial Analysis, Health & Welfare, Human Resources, Marketing & Pricing, Operations & Logistics, Safety Compliance, and Union Representation.

During his corporate involvement, John began a part-time venture into arts and entertainment, which led to his founding THE JOHN LEARY ORGANIZATION. John participated in various aspects of the arts and entertainment industry and pursued the opportunity to manage creative artists and entertainers, executive produce and co-produce film, television, and theatrical projects, and produce and host various radio programs.

We love what we do

 Because of his experience in talent management, John participated as a judge in various beauty, modeling and talent pageants and shows. Along with these activities, John enhanced his public relations and sponsorship negotiating skills.

Because he has always had a vision and an affinity for balance and justice for his fellow man, John continued to focus his efforts into self advocacy in areas such as hearings and arbitrations, business ethics filings, and consumer advocacy initiatives. These actions against various corporate and small business entities gave John the impetus to concentrate his energies on community development, event planning and production for the less fortunate, and image and wellness consulting.

John has now increased his focus on advocacy and proposed legislation in the areas of elder care, fair housing, business and landlord-tenant code compliance, and judicial and unemployment hearing misconduct on the local, regional, and national levels. John voices his opinion, or “puts in his two cents”, as you will, when prompted or motivated, or when he believes that someone has to say something—make an alert rather than ignore! As an example, John, in a period of unemployment, continued to be the co-chair for that employer and acted as the liaison between the employer and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation by attending meetings for the employer in conjunction with the Foundation’s Annual Walk For The Cure.

The main theme of John’s vision is that prevention is the key to making changes, and that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of correction (or a pound of cure as they used to say in days gone by). John’s experience as a Preventive Medicine and Environmental Specialist in the U.S.Army during the Vietnam conflict has helped him advocate for his cause. With that end in sight, John feels that when there is evidence of a derailment, an alert has to be made, and those in positions of responsibility as well as those being made aware of the derailment must act accordingly (Ezekiel 33, 1:9).

To balance his energy to focus on his vision, John enjoys nature, a fitness regime, walking, music, nutritional focus, bible study, and quality friendships.

John had the opportunity to earn a B.S. Degree in Accounting at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Northern New Jersey.

John Leary is making a difference. You can too! Contact John and change your life while helping others change theirs.

The vision of John Leary, the founder of THE JOHN LEARY ORGANIZATION, is to make a difference for the future of mankind by achieving a balance for all with a focus on Christianity